Bentley raccoon

Bentley Raccoon

Bentley Raccoon is Ralph and Melissa Raccoon's 8-year old nephew.


His parents are George Raccoon and Nicole Raccoon, and his older sister is Lisa Raccoon.

Bentley is an expert with computers, and is a very typical young kid, with all the personality traits and faults to match.

He attends the 7th grade at Evergreen Elementary (previously Collegiate City) despite his young age. So it is possible that he may have skipped a few grades. He may also be a child prodigy.



Lisa Raccoon- Older SisterEdit

Bert Raccoon - friend/big brother figureEdit

Ralph Raccoon- UncleEdit

Melissa Raccoon- AuntEdit

George Raccoon- FatherEdit

Nicole Raccoon- MotherEdit

Cyril Sneer - Temporary EmployerEdit




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