Cry Wolf!
Season 1, Episode 9
Air Date 1986
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Cry Wolf! is episode 9.

Plot Edit

Bert's attempts to liven up the Evergreen Standard with some "creative writing" mean that nobody believes him when he stumbles upon a real story: An insomniac Cyril wants to pave over the forest so that he can get an uninterrupted night's sleep. Can Bert convince the rest of the gang, or will he have to face Cyril's threats all by himself?

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  • This is the last appearance of the humans - Ranger Dan, Julie and Tommy - since their debut in The Christmas Raccoons. However, Schaeffer and Broo will continue their tenure of the series.
  • The three humans and their voice actors Murray Cruchley, Vanessa Lindores, and Noam Zylberman are uncredited despite having appeared and spoken in this episode.
  • Schaeffer notes that Broo can't take a bath without his rubber duckie.
  • Apparently, the Pigs are terrible musicians.
  • Cyril likes the story of King Midas.
  • Sharon Lewis is credited as voicing Sophia Tutu, but she does not appear in this episode. (except in an article of the paper in the beginning of this episode)
  • The pigs drive up to the Evergreen Standard hut in a BMW 7 Series (E23) before kidnapping Bert.

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