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Double Play!
Season 2, Episode 1
Air Date 1987
Previous Gold Rush!
Next The Sweet Smell of Success!
Double Play! was episode 12.

Premise Edit

The Mammoth Mudhens are coming to town, and they are looking for the baseball stars of tomorrow. Rivalries flair when it becomes clear that there is only one contract on offer. Will it go to Bert or Cedric, and will their friendship survive?

Plot Edit

Bert and Cedric, the Evergreen Forest's greatest teammates have long played baseball together but when the Mammoth Mudhens make only one contract available, the negative traits of competition are accentuated while Melissa tries to patch up the void.

Cyril provides Cedric with the best money can buy while Bert and Cedric meet on the field, things get pretty ugly. Finally, the contention between Bert and Cedric creates a rift which results in not only the game being lost, but the contract as well.

Therefore, we see that selfish ambition never helps anyone. The best way to win is to create a team effort, and in many instances, the only way to win.

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