End of the Line!
Season 5, Episode 4
Tough situation
Air Date 1990
Previous Moving In!
Next Easy Money!

End of the Line! was episode 51.


Needing a new product to sell to Mr. Mammoth at an upcoming business conference, Cyril puts Cedric in charge of the project. In doing so, Cedric realizes that "Sneer Snake Oil", one of Cyril's existing products, can be used as Sunblock. Meanwhile, a train-load of garbage mysteriously arrives in the forest, prompting the raccoons to research its origin.


Cyril commissions Cedric to be in charge of a major project at Sneer Factory while a mysterious pile of trash arrives in the Evergreen Forest. Consequently, much spirited debate ensues to find out what should be done.

After experiencing some initial frustration with his new mantle, Cedric steps into his role nicely and the Bears like working for him much more than they do for Cyril. As for the debate, it increases in intensity while Mr. Mammoth is slated to make a special appearance.

Finally, the Evergreen Forest is saved from a disastrous bomb (despite this, the bomb emits the Stink Stomper that Pigs One and Two were perfecting) and life goes on as it has previously.





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