The Evergreen 504Edit


The old Evergreen 504 steam engine

The old Evergreen 504 engine is an old steam locomotive being an old 4-4-0 engine, also known as an American type steam locomotive, with a coal tender, and a caboose, found by Bert and Cedric when they discover some old railroad tracks in the Evergreen Forest. The train has been stolen 100 years ago by a train robber known as Snake Eyes LaTour when it was carrying $10,000,000. LaTour hid the train and the money so he could come back for it later, but was caught shortly afterwards so he never came back to find it or the money he hid on board, so the Evergreen 504 engine was left abandoned for 100 years until it was found by Bert and Cedric.


It appears in three episodes: The Evergreen Express, The Sky's the Limit, and A Catered Affair.


  • Bert imagines himself as a railroad engineer of the 504 engine, who tries to protect the money from Snake Eyes LaTour back when he robs the train.
  • A passenger car, a mail car, and a boxcar should have been added to the Evergreen 504 train, with the engine and its coal tender in front, a passenger car in the middle, a mail car behind a passenger car and in front a boxcar coupled behind it and in front of the Evergreen 504's caboose.
  • The Evergreen 504 engine on the train is an old 4-4-0 engine, which has a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement, and is also known as an American type steam locomotive. Locomotives of this wheel arrangement were used most common on American railroads during the 1800's, and from the 1830's until 1928, were given the name "American" in 1872, because of how they did all the work on every railroad in the United States. These types of engines have eight wheels (four leading wheels, four driving wheels, and no trailing wheels).
  • Usually a steam engine's tender would have two four-wheel trucks, which would make for a total of 8 wheels, except for the 504, which has four wheels on its coal tender. Steam locomotives with 4 wheel tenders were usually found on early European steam locomotives.
  • The Evergreen 504 bears a strong resemblence to Canadian Pacific Railway #29. It was built in September 1887 for the Canadian Pacific Railway by the Canadian Locomotive Company and served the CPR hauling freight and passengers until it retired from revenue service in 1960. It is now on static display in front of the Canadian Pacific headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.
  • The 504 was probably built around the 1860s - 1870s because back in the old days of railroading, almost every steam locomotive had brass parts (as evidenced since the 504's steam dome and pistons are brass) until 1880 when all of the brass was ether removed or painted over with black.