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Lake Freeze - The Raccoons Songtrack is the soundtrack for the first two specials of The Raccoons, broadcast in 1980 and 1981. It contains songs sung by Rita Coolidge, Rupert Holmes and Leo Sayer as well as two instrumental pieces. Several of the songs were heard on the last special The Raccoons: Let's Dance!. The album can briefly be seen amongst merchandise on the behind-the-scenes documentry included on The Raccoons Season 2 DVD.

Track listing Edit

  1. Lake Freeze - Rita Coolidge
  2. Takin' My Time - Leo Sayer
  3. To Have You  - Leo Sayer and Rita Coolidge
  4. Shake the Sun - Rupert Holmes
  5. Somewhere On This Earth Instrumental
  6. Lost Angels - Rita Coolidge
  7. You Can Do It - Leo Sayer
  8. At Our House - Rupert Holmes
  9. You Can Make It - Rita Coolidge
  10. Lake Freeze Instrumental

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