Life in the Fast Lane!
Season 3, Episode 4
Air Date 1988
Previous The Chips Are Down!
Next Monster Mania!
Life in the Fast Lane! was episode 25.

Premise Edit

When local dirt bike champ Bix Badger comes to town, trouble is not far behind for Cedric, who takes the blame for Bix's antics, and Bert, who has to learn that life in the fast lane is not always as much fun as it appears to be.

Plot Edit

Bix Badger, one of the coolest cats to ever descend upon the Evergreen Forest, invites Bert to join his biker gang, but Cedric is left out. Meanwhile, Cyril tries to learn meditation methods in order to help him cope with his considerable stress.

While Bert continues to be accepted by Bix's gang, Cedric feels increasingly left out while Ralph and Melissa are gravely concerned at what appears to be happening to Bert.

After Cyril's garage catches fire, Bix tries to flee the premises, but eventually he's exposed for what he is and Cedric is vindicated. As for Bert and Cedric's friendship, it comes back stronger than before.

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  • First and only appearances of Bix Wheelie (voiced by Hadley Kay), Wendo (voiced by Susan Roman, and named after animator Wendo Van Essen) and Toof (voiced by Bob Dermer).
  • Geoffrey Winter is credited as narrator, but this episode has no narration.
  • In the scene where Bix, Bert and Cedric are on the boat, when it stops, if you look closely on the right you can see writing of the cel they used for that scene.
  • Sadly, there aren't any Eagles in this episode.

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