Making the Grade!
Season 4, Episode 9
Young And Innocent Days
Air Date 1989
Previous The Great Escape!
Next Science Friction!

Making the Grade! was episode 43.


When Bentley comes for his annual visit to the Evergreen Forest, Bert and Cedric take him to see the old schoolhouse at Evergreen Elementary. There, they meet their old teacher, Miss Primrose, and learn the school is too small for government regulation, and must be closed. Will Cyril Sneer help them out, or is the school really going to close?


Everybody has a good teacher in one level of their education that has shaped their scope and expanded their horizons. In the Evergreen Forest, this individual is Miss Primrose, although she's in danger as Evergreen Elementary School is being threatened with closure.

Later, Cyril believes the Pigs are conspiring behind his back, although a more introspective look at the situation suggests otherwise. Meanwhile, Bentley and Miss Primrose grow to become fast friends in the interim, which is positive because they're going to a new school together.

But once again, we see Cyril's "boundless" charity as he pledges to keep Evergreen Elementary open. And we see Bentley and Miss Primrose headed to the city together, ready to begin an exciting new adventure.




  • Bentley states that he is in the 7th grade.
  • First appearance of Miss Primrose (voiced by Kay Hawtrey) and Inspector Rutledge of the schoolboard (voiced by Len Carlson).
  • Cyril dresses up like Groucho Marx at some point.
  • This episode reveals that Bert, Cedric, Ralph and Melissa were in the same grade in school with Miss Primrose. She even taught Cyril Sneer (her best math student).
  • Cyril once wore a bunny costume in an Easter play at school.
  • The school inspector drives a VW Golf MK1 in this episode.

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