Mammoth bird

Mr. Mammoth and his Sidekick

Mr. Mammoth is the richest and most powerful character in the series, and appears mostly in the form of a MacGuffin for Cyril Sneer (and often Mr. Knox as well), i.e. looking to start a partnership, giving out a contract for a baseball team, etc. Despite his surname being Mammoth, he is a rhinoceros.


Instead of talking, Mr. Mammoth usually mumbles, and his assistant has to translate what he's trying to say. He has only spoken clearly twice, such as when he was impressed by Cedric's Solar Coaster and when Cyril refused to accept his offer to manage his baseball team, the Mammoth Mudhens.

Interestingly, in some episodes, Cyril is talking to Mr. Mammoth over the phone, which means he can understand what Mammoth is saying, hence there being possibly no need for the translator.



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