School s out for summer by goodcaptainclack-d4kuwvn

Patty talking to Bentley

Patty (also known as Penny Raccoon, Annie Ringtail, Theresa Raccoon, Tanya and Kathy Raton ​by fans) is a minor character from The Raccoons. She looks like a younger version of Lisa and appears in the episodes The Great Escape!, The Headline Hunter!, Endless Summer!, Black Belt Bentley!, The Evergreen Election! and Go for Gold!.


  • The only episode she spoke was in Endless Summer! She was voiced by Lisa Yamanaka. Other episodes she appeared in were silent cameos.
  • In the episode, The Headline Hunter!, it's revealed she has a crush on Bert and gets a date with him, after he lends her $1.50 to purchase him, as she was the only one who wanted a date with him.
  • She is probably around the same age as Bentley.
  • In The Evergreen Election!, we see her next to a female raccoon in a red dress, so it's very possible that could be her mother.
  • Her name is partly confirmed on Facebook by Dan Craig, the animation layout artist for the show. It was either Patty or Rita.

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