Picture Perfect!
Season 3, Episode 7
Air Date 1988
Previous Mom's the Word!
Next Strictly by the Book!
Picture Perfect! was episode 28.

Premise Edit

When Melissa manages to get some photos of Snag saving Cedric from a fire, she is offered a job for World Times Magazine. Word of Snag's heroics also gets out to a TV producer, and he gets a chance to become the star of a television show.

Plot Edit

Melissa, already a prolific photojournalist, recieves recognition from big city magazine editor, John Roykick, and considers taking an offer with that publication. Meanwhile, she is honored for her attainments locally while Snag also becomes a television star. In any case, Snag realizes that perhaps stardom isn't so fun after all and flees from Mr. Barnes, thus jeopardizing Cyril's huge contract. As for Bert and Ralph, they begin to lament what for all intents and purposes, will be life without Melissa.

Finally, Melissa and Roykirk clash and she elects to remain in the Evergreen Forest where she is still appreciated, but doesn't have to compromise her standards.

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  • First and only appearances of Mr. Barnes (voiced by Nick Nichols) and John Roykirk (voiced by Len Carlson) respectively.
  • Apparently, Snag needs to be bribed in order to do tricks.
  • Cyril says that his great-grandfather was in vaudeville "before TV ruined everything".

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