Power Trip!
Season 2, Episode 4
Air Date 1987
Previous Blast from the Past!
Next Stop the Clock!
Power Trip! was episode 15.

Plot Edit

Due to an unpaid bill for $881.54, Mammoth Power cuts Cyril's energy supply, and Cyril plans to build a hydro dam to put Mr. Mammoth in his place. But there's a catch - it must be completed in 48 hours. Ralph's old Aunt Gertie shows up when he and Melissa are about to go on a canoe trip. Upon hearing of peanut butter fudge, Bert volunteers to stay and look after her. Bert and Cedric learn the hard way that old folks aren't as helpless as they look.

Characters Edit



  • First and only appearance of Aunt Gertie, voiced by Pauline Rennie, who is more known for her work on The Care Bears.
  • Bert breaks the fourth wall when looks right in the camera when he finds out what he and Aunt Gertie are both doing while Ralph and Melissa are gone.
  • Second time Cedric mentions his middle name, "Sydney".
  • First time we hear Cyril say "Capisce".
  • Third appearance by Mr. Mammoth and his assistant.
  • When Cyril's Bears are building the dam, you can see a Care Bear on the top visible level. However, we can't see if the symbol on the chest is Grams Bear or not.
  • Michael Magee, Carl Banas and Sharon Lewis are credited respectively as Snag, Schaeffer and Sophia, but they do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode marks the third time Cyril pulls on his ears in frustration when he has to pay Mr. Mammoth the bill.

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