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Second Chance! was episode 35.

Premise Edit

Cyril Sneer's childhood friend Woodchuck Berry shows up in the Evergreen Forest.

Plot Edit

Little do the denizens of the Evergreen Forest know, but Cyril was once a prolific saxophone player. This is revealed when Woodchuck Berry returns to the forest to perform at the opening of the Blue Spruce Cafe in an event which Bert markets extensively.

Unbeknownst to Cyril and everyone else is the Pigs' plan to ink Chuck to perform at a sleazy dive, Rico's Roseroom, instead of the Blue Spruce Cafe. Of course, Bert catches wind of this before it's too late and attempts to inform Cyril about the matter. Finally, Cyril and Bert manage to get Chuck to the Blue Spruce Cafe, although Chuck ensures that Cyril get up and perform by fighting stage fright. In any case, we see that Cyril has just as much talent as previously stated.

Characters Edit


  • Woodchuck Breakdown (Instrumental)


  • First and only appearance of Woodchuck Berry, voiced by Bob Segarini. Woodchuck's name is a play on Chuck Berry.
  • First time we see Cyril play the saxophone.
  • The music that is heard when Cyril is playing on his saxophone is the same music that was heard in the episode Going It Alone! when we see a flashback of young Cyril and in the episode Blast From The Past. The music could be known as Cyril's theme.

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