Strictly by the Book!
Season 3, Episode 8
Air Date 1988
Previous Picture Perfect!
Next The Evergreen Express!
Strictly by the Book! was episode 29.

Premise Edit

After Cedric is derided by his friends for not being assertive or confident enough, Cyril ships him off to Improve University, and he comes back a changed aardvark. Eventually, nobody can stand the "new and improved" Cedric. It is up to Cyril and the Raccoons to change Cedric back to his old self.

Plot Edit

Cedric, lacking in confidence, is in need of an attitude adjustment. Thus, Cyril, sends him to Improve U. in hopes that he will become more assertive. Upon his return, though, we see that he has changed markedly. His friends wonder if this is a good thing or not. The new Cedric is certainly different to say the least. Even Cyril agitates over the Frankenstein he's created. Thus, he and the Raccoons team up to curb the problem.

Finally, Cyril and the Raccoons convince Cedric to go on a camping trip and at long last, the pernicious book is wrested from his grasp. Thus, we see the old Cedric return and everyone's better for it.

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  • The last episode of "The Raccoons" to feature Sophia Tutu in a speaking role.
  • No narration is used in this episode.
  • First appearance of the Evergreen Station and Thunder Island.
  • Some stock footage from Rumours and Stop the Clock is used in this episode.
  • Susan Roman plays the computer's voice.
  • This is the third time Bert is seen without his shirt on.
  • The diesel locomotive seen at the train station almost resembles an ALCo PA-1 unit. This engine is seen again in "Spring Fever" and "Join the Club".

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