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The Headline Hunter!
Season 4, Episode 13
Cyril 9
Air Date 1989
Previous The Phantom of Sneer Mansion!
Next Cold Feet!

The Headline Hunter! was episode 47.


It was bound to happen -- The Pigs get sick of Cyril's treatment, and hire act TV reporter Barbara LaFrum to ruin his reputation, and get them that raise they've always wanted!

Meanwhile, Bert and the gang recall past episodes as they prepare for the big Bachelor Auction.


The Pigs have reached their threshold with Cyril's abuse and are thinking of exacting vengeance. Thus, they call Barbara LaFrum who has a reputation for bringing tycoons to their knees. Meanwhile, Lady Baden-Baden is in need of funds for her society so she runs a bachelor auction for the forest's most eligible bachelors (amongst them are Cedric, Schaeffer, Bert, and later Cyril).

After the ruthless LaFrum shows up at Sneer Mansion to incessantly interrogate Cyril, the Pigs instantaneously feel remorse for their malevolence and try to dissuade her. Nevertheless, she remains resolute in getting the truth about Cyril and hotly pursues him. This, of course, leads him to the bachelor auction. Soon, enough funds are amassed for Lady Baden-Baden's auction while LaFrum purchases Cyril.




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