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The Intruders!
Season 1, Episode 7
Air Date 1985
Previous Buried Treasure!
Next Opportunity Knocks!
The Intruders! was episode 7.

Premise Edit

When Ralph and Cedric become trapped in his new vault, Cyril must team up with the Raccoons to get past his hi-tech security system in order to rescue them.

Plot Edit

Like most eccentric megalomaniacs with too much money, Cyril has constructed a vault with all of the state-of-the-art features the 1980s provided. Nevertheless, a fly emerges in the ointment when Cedric and Ralph are locked inside via the Pigs' stupidity. Thankfully, Bert, Melissa, Schaeffer, Broo and Sophia are around to help.

As Ralph and Cedric's rescuers arrive, Cyril shows great ambivalence toward them but finally Melissa prevails upon him to lead a mission to save them. Finally, Cyril and the Raccoons make it through the vast array of booby traps and free Ralph and Cedric.

Characters Edit



  • Some stock footage from Surprise Attack is used in this episode. Also the idea of having alligators was mentioned in that episode.
  • Bert notes that Cedric took up cost accounting a year before the series.
  • This episode shows one of the few times Cyril chokes on his cigars.
  • First time we see that the Raccoons can be valuable allies for Cyril, whether he likes it or not. Also, his attitude towards them softens a little.
  • This is the last episode animator Nik Ranieri did before he departed to work as Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • This episode shows Cyril pulling on his ears in frustration for the first time.

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