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School s out for summer by goodcaptainclack-d4kuwvn

The Little Raccoon Girl talking to Bentley

The Little Raccoon Girl (also known as Penny Raccoon , Annie Ringtail and Theresa Raccoon by fans) is a minor character from The Raccoons. She looks like a younger version of Lisa and appears in the episodes The Great Escape!, The Headline Hunter!, Endless Summer!, Black Belt Bentley!, The Evergreen Election! and Go for Gold!.


  • In the episodes, The Great Escape!, The Headline Hunter!, Black Belt Bentley!, The Evergreen Election! and Go for Gold!, the little raccoon girl did not speak. But in the episode, Endless Summer!, she did speak.
  • In the episode, The Headline Hunter, it's revealed she has a crush on Bert and gets a date with him, after he lends her $1.50 to purchase him, as she was the only one who wanted a date with him.
  • She's probably around the same age as Bentley.

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