The Sky's the Limit!
Season 4, Episode 2
The Three Compadres
Air Date 1989
Previous Second Chance!
Next Bully for You!
The Sky's the Limit! was episode 36.

Premise Edit

Ralph jealously competes in the Evergreen Air Show when Melissa's old lover comes to call.

Plot Edit

Melissa's old flame, Troy Malone, a polyglot ace pilot, returns for the Evergreen Air Show and while she and Troy get along well, Ralph begins to feel left out, realizing he's not as debonaire as Troy. While Melissa continues to do activities with Troy, Ralph feels increasingly left out and begins to think it's shameful to record the exploits of great men, instead of being one, and volunteers to be Cyril's pilot.

Finally, Melissa sees Ralph in action and gives him a piece of her mind. She manifests her love for Ralph afterwards while Troy slinks off into the sunset.

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  • First and only appearance of Troy Malone, voiced by Barry Bailey. Apparently, he's been all over the world, flying missions (search-and-rescue and medical evacuations), and speaks ten languages. He is also the first raccoon in the series ever to be fully-clothed.
  • The characters at costume dance are dressed as the following - Bert as a musketeer, Troy as a "dashing aviator", Mr. Knox and Lady Baden-Baden as people from Ancient Greece, one of Cyril's bears as a pirate, Melissa as an angel, Cedric as a computer, and Ralph as a carrot.
  • Also, the courier from Last Legs! can be seen attending the party.
  • The Evergreen 504 engine, with its coal tender, and its caboose, makes a cameo appearence in Ralph's fantasy. Also in Ralph's fantasy, we see Melissa with a female kit.
  • Ralph fights his fear of flying in this episode. This was stated in Blast from the Past!.
  • This episode was dedicated to the memory of Raccoons writer b.p. Nichol.
  • In the last scenes after Troy shut off the Sneer plane's engine, Melissa's angel outfit is sleeveless instead of long sleeves.

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