Trouble Shooter!
Season 3, Episode 10
Air Date 1988
Previous The Evergreen Express!
Next The Paper Chase!
Trouble Shooter! was episode 31.

Premise Edit

When Bert and Cedric find Bentley in the old fort, they take him in and find out that he went through a personal crisis and has run away from home. Meanwhile, the Sneer Mansion's new computerized security system goes on the fritz, and attempts to kill Cyril and the Pigs.

Plot Edit

Bentley Raccoon has been kicked out of school for cheating and he flees to the Evergreen Forest. As for Cyril, he installs a new security system, but once again, the Pigs screw it up. As sure as the sun rises in the east, the Pigs manage to jam things up and they manage to get themselves locked inside Sneer Mansion with Cyril. Of course, Bentley's computer expertise can save the day, but can he get himself marshaled up properly for the task. Finally, Bentley is able to release Cyril and the Pigs from their self-imposed prison and oddly enough, Cyril imparts some words of wisdom to Bentley which help him face up to his mistakes and live a better life.

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  • It was stated by Melissa in Stop the Clock that Bentley was Ralph's cousin, but in this episode (and all future appearances) he's referred to as being Ralph and Melissa's nephew.
  • First episode to feature Bentley's parents, George and Nicole Raccoon, in a silent cameo; the two would become semi-regular characters in the final season.
  • Susan Roman voices the computer.
  • Mr. Mammoth is mentioned.
  • Stock footage from Surprise Attack and The Sweet Smell of Success! is used.
  • In this episode after Cyril tells Bentley about how running away from home isn't a good thing, when Bentley is speaking to his parents we see Cyril crying for the first time.
  • In this episode whilst trapped in the mansion, Cyril does an impression of the pigs after they said the computer would do everything and never makes mistakes.
  • When the computer finds Cyril and the pigs, Cyril laughs and says peace whilst doing the peace sign.
  • This episode marks the first time that Cyril is seen showing his soft side towards another character besides Cedric. He is seen showing compassion and sympathy towards Bentley Raccoon, and after this episode Cyril and Bentley become friends.

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